What is a Facebook chatbot?

A Facebook chatbot is an extension to your Facebook Page’s messaging functionality.

Each Facebook chatbot has to be linked with an existing Facebook Page. So if anyone is chatting with your bot, they’re chatting with your Facebook Page  –  but instead of talking human-to-human, your bot talks for you.

How do I find Facebook chatbots?

There are 4 ways to find Facebook chatbot:

Option 1: Your users can get in touch with a Facebook bot via the page it’s running on. Simply press the “Send Message” button to get in touch with it.

Option 2: Your users can find your chatbot in Facebook Messenger by searching for the name of the page which it is running on.

Greeting messages of Messnow, Sumi and Danang FantastiCity chatbot

Option 3: Your users can click on your chatbot’s Messenger link

m.me is a shortened URL service operated by Facebook that redirects users to a person, page, or bot in Messenger. You can use them on your website, email newsletters, and more.

– The format of the link is https://m.me/<PAGE_NAME>, where PAGE_NAME is the handle of the Facebook page the bot is linked to.

E.g. m.me/messnow

* In addition, you can get the bot’s link by accessing to Messnow platform, you click on “Bot Link” in “Settings”, then copy that link.

Option 4: Your users can scan Messenger code to start a conversation with your bot on Messenger

– To get Messenger code, you access to Messnow platform and click on “Messenger Code” in “Settings”, then download that Messenger code.

Messenger codes of Messnow and Sumi chatbot

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